We take you to the best Salsa clubs in Bogota. Discover where we go.

The Bogota Salsa Tour has alliances in the most important and representative bars and salsa clubs in the capital. Each of the sites was chosen after a research and curatorial process that takes into account criteria such as: its history, cultural wealth, music collection, history, atmosphere and relevance in Bogota Salsa scene.

These places in addition to welcome The Bogota Salsa Tour's visitors, attest to the quality of this tour identifying with the sticker "Proud partner: The Bogota Salsa Tour" and thus facilitate the spreading of Bogota sauce visitors from other parts of the country and the world. 

Within these allies are included:

Clubs Itinerary - Salsa Night Tour

  Clubs Itinerary
Rout Name Beggining Middle End
The All Terrain: authentic salsa and popular in the best Bogotano style. Sandunguera Rumbaland El Panteón de la Salsa
Bohemia Rumbera: For the lovers and the calmest Casa de Citas El Goce Pagano Cafe Libro Palermo
Gomela Girl: The pretty and exclusive face of salsa El Bembé Cachao Habana 93
The Classical: For lovers of non commercial melodies and the classic salsa El Bembé Salszburgo Son Salome
Curious Gomela: A combination of good taste and lively rumba El Bembé Salsa Camará Cafe Libro 93
The Curious Cat: A complete journey through the different faces of salsa in the city Cafe Libro 93 Sandunguera Quiebracant

Musical Style
Old School
Not Comercial Clasics


Salsa Express Tour - Destinations

Bar/Club City Area
El Bembé Downtown
Cachao North
Habana 93 North
Cafe Libro 93 North