See why we are your best option to live salsa in Colombia

At GO Entertainment S.A.S. through our brands "Colombia Salsa Tours", "The Bogota Salsa Tour" and "Cali Salsa Tours", we are pioneers in Colombia in offering specialized experiences in salsa for residents, visitors and tourists, with international quality and responsible practices with our stakeholders.

We are the first receptive tour operator that bets for positioning Salsa as a tourist attraction on a city and country level . 

We are known for having the best dance instructors in every city where we operate. In addition, the guides of our activities are authentic salsa lovers who have been part of the local party for years and have taken salsa as a lifestyle.

All the places we visit have been carefully selected to offer a cultural authentic and representative experience of the local customs and the best of Salsa party in every city.

In terms of history, journalist and researcher César "Pagano" Villegas has been our greatest ally to bring our clients a story of quality, reconstructing the history of a country that fell in love for salsa since it arrived was heard by its inhabitants.

Additionally, we work closely with local orchestras promoting their work and inviting our visitors to be part of their shows.
In Bogota, we made the first the compilation CD of Bogota’s Salsa entitled "De Bogotá pal Mundo Vol.1" in which we gathered 11 young and experienced orchestras. This is a promotional production and it is delivered as a souvenir in most of our plans.

As a contribution to society, we want to offer free dance lessons to young people from vulnerable neighborhoods that might find in Salsa a hobby to stay away from the streets, or at least to serve as a healthy alternative of entertainment.

On April 4, 2017, The Bogota Salsa Tour received the Tourism Quality Certification from the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism in accordance with the NTS-TS003 of 2017 and valid until April 4, 2020.

Sustainability policy

The Bogota Salsa Tour is an operating travel agency committed to the mitigation of its environmental impact, with a high contribution to the socio-cultural environment and with a limited economic impact given its limited installed capacity. The above is mainly justified from the control of noise emissions, waste, production of our musical compilations "De Bogotá pal Mundo", the preferential purchase of local establishments and the commercial promotion of local salsa dancers.

Objectives associated with sustainability policy

  • Spread the work of local salsa orchestras every year with the free delivery of at least 100 units of the compilation "De Bogotá Pal Mundo" in any of its volumes.

  • Offer free dance classes at least 2 times a year to young people from vulnerable sectors who could find in the sauce a pastime capable of moving us away from the streets.

  • Distribute at least 100 handicrafts annually among clients and interest groups as a reminder or souvenir of our activities.

  • To mitigate the environmental impact, product of the noise, on the auditory health of our clients offering and delivering reusable plugs when emissions above 70 decibels are detected.


Registro Nacional de Turismo